Worldwide Digital Camera Market Outlook, 2014 and Beyond

Worldwide Digital Camera Market Outlook, 2014 and Beyond

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To maximize product differentiation, smartphone brands have been upgrading their camera modules for improved photo quality. Their efforts in advancing smartphone photography, however, have jeopardized the global digital camera market. This is especially detrimental to the survival of entry-level and mid-range digital cameras. For this reason, digital camera brands have been repositioning their products and creating product differences in R&D, product and application designs. This report profiles the development of digital camera market, changes in form factor designs and explores product strategies of digital camera brands.

List of Topics

Development of the digital cameras market, touching on several key determinant factors
Major development trends of digital camera products, evaluating product form factor design versus price
Development of major digital camera players, including Olympus, Sony, and Canon and their product strategies

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
1.Development of the Digital Camera Market
1.1 Smartphone Photography Continues to Improve
1.2 Global Digital Camera Market Decline Slowing Down in 2014
2. Development of Digital Cameras
2.1 Forgoing Entry-level Models to Concentrating on High-end Ones
2.2 Product Differentiation
3. Development of Digital Camera Brands
3.1 Strategic Alliance Between Olympus and Sony
3.2 Canon Opens Up New Business Sector
MIC Perspective
List of Tables
Table 1 Cameras of Smartphones Launched in 2013 and Their Specifications
List of Figures
Figure 1 Worldwide Digital Camera Shipment Volume, 2010 - 2014
Figure 2 Digital Camera Product Form Factor and Price Changes

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