Estonia Construction: Market Update

Estonia Construction: Market Update

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This report is the result of Timetric's extensive market research covering the construction industry in Estonia. It contains detailed data on market dynamics along with latest industry happenings, industry players and happening projects in Estonia. "Estonia Construction: Market Update" provides a top-level overview and detailed insight into the operating environment of the construction industry in Estonia. It is an essential tool for companies active across Estonia construction value chain and for new players considering to enter the market.

Report Scope

Estonia Construction: Market Update" provides you with the following:
  • Construction Highlights
  • Construction Output by Sector
  • Market Growth Dynamics by Sector
  • Market Growth Comparison
  • Key Market Drivers and Indicators
  • Latest Construction Projects
  • Latest Construction Industry News.
Reasons to Get this Report
  • Enhance your understanding of the construction industry in Estonia.
  • Promote growth in your business with detailed market growth dynamics by sector, as well as by market comparison.
  • Identify the future pattern of market trends, from winners and losers to market dynamics; and thereby quickly and easily identify the key areas in which they want to compete in the future.
  • Familiarise yourself with the companies active in Estonia construction market.
  • Improve your knowledge of the latest construction projects and industry news in Estonia.

Table of Contents

1 Estonia Construction - Highlights
2 Market Drivers & Indicators
2.1 Building permits - Number : Estonia
2.2 Building permits - Area: Estonia
2.3 Construction - Wages: Estonia
2.4 Construction - Employment: Estonia
2.5 Building permits - Residential: Estonia
2.6 Building permits - Non-residential: Estonia
2.7 Construction - Gross value added: Estonia
3 Latest Projects
3.1 EE - Livonian Bay Wind Park - Estonia
3.2 Eesti Energia - Narva Fossil Fuel Power Plant - Ida-Viru
3.3 TAL - Tallink Shopping Center - Estonia
3.4 Kaitseministeerium - Taara Army Battle School New Building - Voru
3.5 Eesti Energia - Liivi Bay Offshore Wind Farm: Power Connection - Estonia
3.6 Eesti Energia - Liivi Bay Offshore Wind Farm: Phase III - Estonia
3.7 Eesti Energia - Liivi Bay Offshore Wind Farm: Phase I - Estonia
4 Leading Deals
4.1 Onninen to acquire 100% stake in Saele & Hollevik Trading
4.2 Redgate Capital acquires RPM GRUPP
4.3 Elekter and Kute acquires AS Tallinna Kute from Dalkia International
4.4 Elekter and Kute acquires AS Erakute from Dalkia International
4.5 H+H International sells Jamera-kivitalot to Aeroc International
4.6 K Grupp Turvateenused acquires security business of Pristis
4.7 Consolis acquires Swetrak
5 Latest News
5.1 Merko engineering scholarship awarded to Alan Vali, young scientist scholarship to Andrus Raamet
5.2 Enterprise Estonia wants to build a big conference centre in Tallinn
5.3 Merko Ehitus annual net profit grows 36%, proposal to pay dividends of EUR 0.41 per share
5.4 EstLink 2 has been taken over
5.5 Construction contract (VKG Petroter 3 framework)- Nordecon International
5.6 Merko builds two apartment buildings incorporating smart-house concepts
5.7 Estonian oil shale and biomass electricity plant operational by 2016

List of Tables

Table 1: Growth Dynamics by Sector, 2006-2017
Table 2: Output: By Project Sector (EUR m), 2006-2017
Table 3: Market Growth Comparison, 2006-2017
Table 4: Building permits - Number : Estonia, 2010-2013
Table 5: Building permits - Area: Estonia, 2010-2013
Table 6: Construction - Wages: Estonia, 2010-2013
Table 7: Construction - Employment: Estonia, 2010-2013
Table 8: Building permits - Residential: Estonia, 2010-2013
Table 9: Building permits - Non-residential: Estonia, 2010-2013
Table 10: Construction - Gross value added: Estonia, 2010-2013

List of Figures

Figure 1: Growth Dynamics by Sector
Figure 2: Output: By Project Sector (EUR m)
Figure 3: Market Growth Comparison
Figure 4: Building permits - Number : Estonia
Figure 5: Building permits - Area: Estonia
Figure 6: Construction - Wages: Estonia
Figure 7: Construction - Employment: Estonia
Figure 8: Building permits - Residential: Estonia
Figure 9: Building permits - Non-residential: Estonia
Figure 10: Construction - Gross value added: Estonia