France Construction: Market Update

France Construction: Market Update

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This report is the result of Timetric's extensive market research covering the construction industry in France. It contains detailed data on market dynamics along with latest industry happenings, industry players and happening projects in France. "France Construction: Market Update" provides a top-level overview and detailed insight into the operating environment of the construction industry in France. It is an essential tool for companies active across France construction value chain and for new players considering to enter the market.

Report Scope

France Construction: Market Update" provides you with the following:
  • Construction Highlights
  • Construction Output by Sector
  • Market Growth Dynamics by Sector
  • Market Growth Comparison
  • Key Market Drivers and Indicators
  • Latest Construction Projects
  • Leading Construction Companies
  • Latest Construction Industry News.
Reasons to Get this Report
  • Enhance your understanding of the construction industry in France.
  • Promote growth in your business with detailed market growth dynamics by sector, as well as by market comparison.
  • Identify the future pattern of market trends, from winners and losers to market dynamics; and thereby quickly and easily identify the key areas in which they want to compete in the future.
  • Familiarise yourself with the companies active in France construction market.
  • Improve your knowledge of the latest construction projects and industry news in France.

Table of Contents

1 France Construction - Highlights
2 Market Drivers & Indicators
2.1 Construction - Employment: France
2.2 Building permits - Number: France
2.3 Building permits - Area: France
2.4 Construction production: France
2.5 Construction - Gross value added: France
2.6 Building permits - Non-residential: France
2.7 Construction - Wages: France
3 Latest Projects
3.1 CCC/OPAC de Savoie - Cognin City Maupas Residential Complex: Private Housing - Rhone- Alpes
3.2 CCC/OPAC de Savoie - Cognin City Maupas Residential Complex: Rental Housing - Rhone- Alpes
3.3 LS - Oloron Chocolate Production Plant - France
3.4 CCC/OPAC de Savoie - Cognin City Maupas Residential Complex - Rhone-Alpes
3.5 GLP - Louvre Poste Office Renovation - Ile de France
3.6 CCC/OPAC de Savoie - Cognin City Maupas Residential Complex: Public Housing - Rhone- Alpes
3.7 GLP - Louvre La Poste Office Renovation: Hotel - Ile de France
4 Leading Companies
4.1 Colas SA
4.2 Soletanche Bachy
4.3 Bouygues S.A.
4.4 Eiffage SA
4.5 Vinci SA
4.6 Egis Group
5 Latest News
5.1 Parsons/Systra JV wins consultancy services contract in Qatar
5.2 Fonciere des Regions - New leases for 3,506 sqm in the CB 21 tower at La Defense
5.3 Geostock Asia welcomed Ambassador of France to Singapore to visit Jurong Rock Caverns (JRC)
5.4 FY13 - Increase in occupancy rate and rents: Affine
5.5 Eiffage and Apsys sign a €140 million construction contract
5.6 Energy Hack prize awarded to a game intended to help social housing tenants control their energy consumption
5.7 Eurovia - A helping hand from the VINCI Foundation and Eurovia for a Lannion association

List of Tables

Table 1: Output: By Project Sector (EUR m), 2006-2017
Table 2: Growth Dynamics by Sector, 2006-2017
Table 3: Leading Company Stock Performance, 2014-2014
Table 4: Construction - Employment: France, 2010-2013
Table 5: Building permits - Number: France, 2010-2013
Table 6: Building permits - Area: France, 2010-2013
Table 7: Construction production: France, 2012-2013
Table 8: Construction - Gross value added: France, 2010-2013
Table 9: Building permits - Non-residential: France, 2010-2013
Table 10: Construction - Wages: France, 2010-2013

List of Figures

Figure 1: Output: By Project Sector (EUR m)
Figure 2: Growth Dynamics by Sector
Figure 3: Leading Company Stock Performance
Figure 4: Construction - Employment: France
Figure 5: Building permits - Number: France
Figure 6: Building permits - Area: France
Figure 7: Construction production: France
Figure 8: Construction - Gross value added: France
Figure 9: Building permits - Non-residential: France
Figure 10: Construction - Wages: France

Companies Mentioned:

Colas SA
Soletanche Bachy
Bouygues S.A.
Eiffage SA
Vinci SA
Egis Group