The Medical Device Market: Morocco

The Medical Device Market: Morocco

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In 2013, the medical device market is estimated at US$229.7mn. However, per capita spending at around US$7 remains low, leaving considerable potential for further expansion. The local medical device manufacturing industry remains at an embryonic stage, leaving most sectors of the market reliant on imports, which totalled US$181.1mn in 2012.

Morocco is the biggest recipient of EU financial aid outside of Europe. Additionally, the EU is Morocco's main trading partner, providing 50% of imports and being the destination of 79% of exports in 2009. As such, Morocco's trade is heavily dependent upon the economic wellbeing of the eurozone. In August 2012, the EU announced further funding of EUR112mn for its 2012 Morocco action plan. Funding is to support the government's reforms, including in public administration and the management of government finances (EUR75mn). In the same month, the IMF approved Morocco's access to the Precautionary Liquidity Line resources; in February 2013 the IMF reaffirmed that Morocco continues to qualify for this financing scheme although the IMF identified healthcare as one of the areas where Morocco needs to post an improvement.

The government has embarked on a major overhaul of the health sector, following two decades of underfunding and mismanagement. In addition to the modernisation and upgrading of existing facilities, the Ministry of Health's development programme includes the provision of three new teaching hospitals in Fez, Marrakech and Oujda and the rebuilding of the university hospital in Rabat was approved in February 2013. The Ministry of Health plans to improve the uneven distribution of healthcare resources through two new planning tools, the health map and the regional strategic plan, which aim to promote greater co-ordination and co-operation between the public and private sectors.

The national health insurance scheme, launched in 2005, provides substantial additional funding for the health sector. Initially aimed at salaried workers, the scheme has been expanded to cover the selfemployed. There is also a health insurance scheme for those on very low incomes, which is now scheduled to be fully operational in 2013. Approximately a third of the Moroccan population is covered by health insurance, and the long-awaited Ramed insurance scheme for low-income groups began in
April 2012, piloting in Azilal region. When fully operational, the government expects that 8.5mn people will benefit from the scheme. In March 2013, the government claimed that 5.26mn people were already part of the scheme.


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Medical Device Market Forecast
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Table: Detailed Medical Device Market By Product Area, 2009-2018 (US$ % Change)
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Table: Patient Aids Market, 2008-2018 (US$ Per Capita)
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